Thai Liniment Oil Spray Namman Muay

Warming oil for before and after excercise.

- Spray 20ml -



Thai Oil Namman Muay its an oil ideal for warming up muscles before exercise, as a precaution against injury and regeneration after excercise.

This oil is not only for active athletes but also for all those who need muscular heating and preparation for physical exertion.

Its liquid base is very effective in preventing muscle injuries.


Namman Muay (aka "Muay Thai Boxing Liniment or Oil") is a herbal liniment made from regional botanicals. Its main active ingredients are derived from plants of the region and are known to reduce inflammation and aid in blood circulation.

The special formulation produces a product, which has a light, smooth glide upon application; it is formulated to be fast absorbing.

Unlike other products, Thai Oil Namman Muay penetrates the body quickly and does not leave a greasy nor sticky feeling. Other products can leave you pasty for hours.

In addition, the Wintergreen scent also has its followers. A side benefit is that the scent is believed to open nasal passages thus helping to improve oxygen intake while increasing alertness.

Thai Oil Namman Muay is a warming agent which prepares the body for the strenuous activity to come and/or aids in helping the body recuperate.
Thai Oil Namman Muay aids in maintaining consistency in training and strenuous activity by helping eliminate or reduce nagging aches and pains.

For athletes, training at peak consistently means performing at peak. Thai Oil Namman Muay is also used by sport and massage therapists.

? Easy application where needed;
? No need to massage the area after application;
? The oil has cooling-warming effect;
? Is suitable as a warmimng up oil, easy to spread;
? Is suitable oil to relieve muscles, tendons and joints;
? It helps with Rheumatic problems and Arthritis;
? Its perfect for athletes, but also for those who need to warm up and prepare the muscles for exercise;

Ingredients by 100gr of the product:
Menthol (1g), Methyl Salicylate (31ml), Alcohol 95% (12,04ml), aqua (10,19ml), Light yellow color (5mg), Deep yellow color (3,37mg), Polysorbate 80 (0,02ml), Eucalyptus oil (5ml), Clove Oil (1ml), Liquid Paraffin

Active ingredients:
Methyl Salicylate (17gr); Menthol (5gr); Eucalyptus Oil (2gr); Clove Oil (1gr);

Apply the spray directly on the skin. Do not cover the skin after application. Does not apply on the face and intimate area.

For external use only. Cannot be used by people who are sensitive to the ingredients contained in the product. Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women or by children under 16 years old. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

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