The myrrh powder is used in smokes for strong discharging and to ward off evil spirits, and since antiquity myrrh is also used to inspire prayer and devotion. This resin calms our fears and our anxieties about the future, giving us strength and courage.
The Christian tradition announces the myrrh, bitter herb presented by King Magus Baltazar, as a representation of the Passion of Christ, of His suffering honoring the Lord in his maturity in the struggle for Man. The Holy Trinity has in the Myrrh the Holy Spirit as creation and production.
It is believed that burning myrrh removes evil spirits. It serves to purify instruments used in rituals, and is believed to attract good luck and money. Myrrh strengthens nerves and emotions, and replaces feelings of apathy, weakness, and lack of initiative for motivation, power, and strength. The myrrh gives clarity, focus and strength necessary to go through difficult periods. Its soothing effect softens the emotional states of irritation or fury. The fragrance is very strong, even when the resin is still cold.
In conjunction with other herbs and seeds, powdered myrrh may serve other purposes.

How to use:
Place a small portion in charcoal for incense or incandescent embers.

Handle with care. Do not use flammable materials. Keep away from children. Do not ingest!

Presentation: Sachet of 50gr

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