Lecithin 1325mg

- 30 capsules -

Lecithin 1325 mg is a rich source of lecithin obtained from purified Soya.

Lecithin was first isolated in 1846 by the Theodore Gobley. It belongs to phospholipids and is one of the basic building blocks of the cell membranes of all living organisms.

Lecithin is a substance which helps during the transport and conversion of fats in the human body and during the dilution of fat and cholesterol sediments.

Lecithin occurs in high concentrations in important tissues such as human brain tissue, liver, heart, muscles or nerve fibres. It is necessary for keeping cholesterol in a soluble form and helps to prevent the formation of gall stones. It keeps the nervous system healthy and is present in the protective packages of nerve fibres.
It also takes place in variety of vitally important processes and therefore it is widely used as food supplement.

Lecithin is advised on menopause processes by reducing the unpleasant effects resulting from the failure of hormone production. Protects the heart by controlling inflammatory processes and decreasing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Improves digestion and liver function, contributes to kidney health, provides greater resistance to viruses and bacteria, rejuvenates the skin and is an excellent brain stimulant.
A little known property of Lecithin is that it can act as a sexual vitalizing.

Other indications for Lecithin: Affection (bladder, heart, intestines, gallbladder), arteriosclerosis, breast cancer and cervical cancer, blindness, corneal, weakness, dysuria, skin disease, headache, rheumatic pain, edema, stomach, fever, fungus, influenza, hypercholesterolemia, insomnia, osteoporosis, rheumatism.

 Daily dose contains:


weight/1 cap.

weight/2 caps.



2650,0 mg

 *% recommended daily allowance;

? Helps to ensure the correct level of cholesterol and fat in the human body.
? Protects the liver against increased production of fats.
? Positively influences the memory and other brain functions.
? Necessary for the activity of brain cells.
? Contains a large amount of linoleic acid that helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels

Soya Lecithin, Gelatin, Water, Wetting Agent: Glycerol.

1 ? 2 capsules daily per day during or after a meal. Take with any liquid.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Store out of the reach of children. It is not suitable for children under 3. Store in a dark and dry place, at temperature below 25º C.

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