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- 500mg -

Magnesium is a nutritional supplement useful in the formation of healthy bones and teeth, as well as interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous, muscular and immune systems. In case of muscular effort and especially when there is fatigue (in particular in the presence of cramps), the magnesium supplement proves to be very useful. It also intervenes in the metabolism of several nutrients, being determinant for the cellular growth.
Therapeutic indications:
  • Useful in the formation of bones and teeth
  • In the functioning of the nervous, muscular and immune system
  • In cases of muscle fatigue (with cramps)
  • In the formation of proteins, fatty acids, insulin and cell growth
  • In enzymatic activation
Magnesium Carbonate 500 mg (44.4% DDA * Mg) and Excipient q.s. 1 tablet.

How to use: 1 tablet 3 times daily, after meals. should not exceed the recommended dosage.
Precautions: Excessive consumption may cause diarrhea. Insufficient kidney people should only consume magnesium supplements after consulting a health care provider. In case of pregnancy and lactation use only after advice from a health care provider. It should not be consumed together with quinolones and tetracyclines (antibiotics). It should not be used in conjunction with oral anticoagulants.
Presentation: Bottle with 90 tablets.