Liturgical Coal

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Liturgical Coal
Roll of 10 tablets of 33mm
Liturgical coal is used to burn and allow the combustion of herbs, plants and resins especially for smokes and for incense in grain and herbs.

This 33mm liturgical coal was produced by the most renowned liturgical coal mill, René Schönefeld Incense and Charcoal Manufacturing, using only the finest ingredients and using manufacturing techniques with more than 80 years of existence. This coal bears the most famous brand of liturgical coal, the Three Kings, ensuring an easy ignition, without odor and a smooth, long lasting and uniform combustion.

The duration of each charcoal is approximately one hour. To light the charcoal insert (be careful not to get burnt) bring it close to a match with tweezers, the charcoal will glow in about two minutes.

Presentation: Roll of 10 tablets of 33mm diameter of liturgical coal.