Styrax Benzoe
Known as "Monk's Balsam," it has been used in smokers and incenses since ancient times.
Benzoin is a unique resin from Sumatra, Indonesia. It was once one of the many spices enjoyed in Europe, and therefore popularized around the globe.

Due to its intense and striking scent, it is able to remain in the air for long periods, and even strengthen the presence of other incenses. In addition, it has penetrating, exotic and solid perfume, acting energizing, and being ideal for offices and other workplaces.
In addition to pleasing smell with its woody scent with soft touches of floral and vanilla, sweet and charming, the Benzoin Incense has calming, relaxing effect, controlling anxiety and stress. More than that, it acts as an antidepressant, booster of good humor, and attracts positive energies. In addition, it increases creativity, both in written and artistic works, as well as expands the field of consciousness and facilitates meditation. In other words, besides making the environment pleasant, it also provides a purification and harmonization of the same.
How to use:
Place a small portion in charcoal for incense or incandescent embers.

Handle with care! Do not use flammable materials. Keep away from children. Do not ingest!

Presentation: Sachet with 50gr

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