Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut
- 300mg -
Horse Chestnut, is an oily herb used…

Propotuss TS - Dry Cough

Propotuss TS (Dry Cough)
Syrup 250ml


Gastromil Pastilhas With Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate   Gastromil -…

Vitamineral Strong

Vitamineral Strong 15 ampoules of 15ml
  Effects: …

Liturgical Coal

Liturgical Coal
Roll of 10 tablets of 33mm …


Hindu / Chinese Cone
Candle for the Hygiene of the Ear   …


Melatonox Melatonin, Valerian & Tryptophan   It is known…

NutriKings - Apetit

NutriKings - Apetit
Royal Jelly & Cod Liver Oil
Appetite Stimulant with Forest…

NutriKings - Calm

NutriKings - Calm
Passionflower, Oranje Flower & Melatonin
Calms and helps to fall asleep…


  Incense powder (often called the frankincense) is used in…


  The myrrh powder is used in smokes for strong…


Benzoin Styrax Benzoe   Known as "Monk's Balsam,"…

Lemon balm tea
Melissa officinalis
  The lemon balm (melissa officinalis) is…

Procerebro Kids

Procerebro Kids
  Procerebro Kids / Mini 250ml is a Food Supplement…

Special Price
Propotuss Children's Syrup

Propotuss for Kids
Althaea & Propolis
  The winter line of…

Special Price
Propotuss TE - Cough with Expectoration

Propotuss TE (Cough with expectoration)
Eucalyptus & Propolis
Syrup   …

Special Price
Propotuss Gum

Propotuss Tablets
With Propolis and Eucalyptus
During the winter, respiratory infections…

Carob flour

Carob flour
  Organic farming carob, PT-BIO-04 Agriculture EU. Obtained from…

Eucalyptus tea

Eucalyptus tea
Eucalyptus spc.
  Eucalyptus leaves contain active principles that give it…

Marmalade For Diabetics

Marmalade For Diabetics Delicious Marmalade with 80% Fruit and Low Calorie

Armonia Helix Active cream

Armonia Helix Active cream Cellular repairer for daily skin care   …

Corn Beef

Corn Beef Zea Mays   This plant is…


Broncolan Complex of Propolis + Plants
  A food…

Special Price
Glycerin Soap with Wheat Germ Oil

Glycerin Soap with Wheat Germ Oil   Keep your skin healthy…

Glycerin and Oat Soap

Glycerin and Oat Soap
  Keep your skin healthy and clean with…

Soap of Olive Oil Santus

Soap of Olive Oil Santus
Handmade Soap
  This formula has existed…

Marigold Soap

Marigold Soap
For healthy skin
  Hygiene of the face and hands,…

Seaweed Soap

Seaweed Soap
Anti-Cellulite and Toning
  Natural Soap with seaweed extract, high…

Clay Soap

Clay Soap
Purifying and soothing action.
  Natural soap with clay for…

Avocado & Calendula Soap

Sabonte Avocado & Marigold   Natural soap with Avocado oil and Calendula,…


Ruta Chalepensis
  With strong aroma, the rue is…

Star Anise

Star Anise
Illicium Verum
  It has properties similar to sweet fennel…

Avocado Leaf Tea

Avocado Leaf Tea
Persea Gratissima
  Avocado leaf tea regulates the intestinal…

Water of Euphrasy

Water of Eufrásia
- Flower of Liz and Hamamelis -

Charcoal Compound

Charcoal Compound
with Anis and Peppermint
- 90 Capsules -   …


- 500mg -
  Food Supplement with remineralizing action. Diuretic, astringent,…

Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + Vitamin D

Calcium + Magnesium + Zinc + Vitamin D
It benefits the good development of the…

Calcium + Magnesium

Calcium + Magnesium
- 90 Tablets -
  Food supplement useful to…

Argan and Jojoba Oil

Argan & Jojoba Oil
For Healthy and Bright Hair
- 100ML -   …

Aloe Pura Gel 99,9%

Aloe Pura Gel 99,9% - 100ml -   Aloe Vera gel…

DermAloe Cream

DermAloe Cream 75% Aloe Vera + Zinco + Calêndula …


Ginex with multi-plant extracts   Intimate female hygiene…

Bagel Chestnuts from India - Shower Gel
- 500ml -

Bagel Algas - Bath Gel

Bagel Algas - Bath Gel - 500ml -   …


- 500mg -
  Magnesium is a nutritional supplement useful in…

Shark Cartilage

Shark Cartilage - 750mg -   Several studies…


- Mangosteen Juice - The antioxidant power of Mangosteen. Mangosteen is a…


Reumilon   Particularly indicated for problems of atrocities, rheumatic joint and muscle, parrot beaks,…


Nervical   Particularly indicated in disorders of the nervous system, such…


Esterol   Particularly indicated for controlling cholesterol levels, its use has a…


Diepatil   Particularly indicated for diseases of the liver, stomach and intestines, such…

Optima Australian Tea Tree

Optima Australian Tea Tree   Australian Tea Tree Antiseptic Oil is…


Menolon - 100gr -   Particularly indicated in…


Sodigeste - 100gr -   Particularly indicated in…


Diabetil - 100gr -   Particularly indicated for lowering blood sugar and urine levels.   Composed of…


Rinbex - 100gr -   Particularly indicated for kidney and…

Baba de Caracol body

Baba de Caracol body Body Milk   Baba de Caracol…

French Green Clay

French Green Clay Pure Organic Fine Powder   From the earliest…


Depurlax - 15 Tablets -   Constipation is noted as one…


India Saffron
- 50gr -   Curcuma is a plant…

Pau D´Arco

PAU D´ARCO - EXTRATO -   It is a…

Procerebro FORTE

Procerebro FORTE
5x Ginkgo and Vitamin B5
- 40 Ampoules -

Forma+ Sem Barriga EXPRESS

Forma+ No Belly EXPRESS
Ginger and Garcinia
- 500ml -   …

Drenalight Clean

Drenalight Clean Extra Detox - 600ml -   …

Forma+ Artichoke Plus

Forma+ Artichoke PLUS - 500ml -   Food…

Artichoke + Thistle PLUS

Artichoke + Thistle PLUS
fruit of the forest flavour
- 500 ML - …

Ginger 400mg

Ginger 400mg - 60 Tablets -  Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Zingiberacae) is…

Armonía Shampoo For School Children

School Shampoo STOP PIOLHOS
Prevents lice infection.
- 200 ml -
Natural Cosmetics with Tea Tree…

Rosemary Tea

Rosmarinus Officinalis
  Rosemary tea is one of the most consumed…

Artichoke Tea

Artichoke Tea
Cynara Scolymus
  Artichoke-based preparations are mainly used in the…

MemoPlus Energizer

MemoPlus - Energizer

For a burst of concentration and energy

- 30 Tablets -

Proenzi Arthrostop - Rapid+

  Proenzi ArthroStop - Rapid+

- 60 Tablets -     Proenzi® ArthroStop Rapid+ is the most efficient and innovative product of the…

Proenzi Arthrostop - Rapid

  Proenzi ArthroStop - Rapid

- 60 Tablets -     Proenzi ArthroStop - Rapid is a triple combination of the substances: Glucosamine…

Proenzi Arthrostop - Cream

Proenzi ArthroStop - Cream
- 100g -   Proenzi ArthroStop -…

Prostenal FORTE

  Prostenal FORTE

Saw Palmetto for care of prostate
- 30 Tablets -     The new Prostenal FORTE is a combination of…

Thai Liniment Oil Spray Namman Muay

  Thai Liniment Oil Spray Namman Muay

Warming oil for before and after excercise.

- Spray 20ml -     Thai Oil…

Thai Analgesic Cream Namman Muay

Thai Analgesic Cream Namman Muay
Regenerating cream that helps in the musculoskeletal difficulties.

Thai Liniment Oil Namman Muay

Thai Liniment Oil Namman Muay
Warming oil for before and after excercise.
- 120ml - …

Santoin - Mouth Wash

Santoin - Mouth Wash
Mouth Wash with positive effects against Periodontitis
- 200ml - …

Santoin - Toothpaste

Santoin - Toothpaste

Anti-inflammatory toothpaste for the treatment of Periodontitis

- 100ml -
Santoin - Toothpaste is…


Iodine 150μg

Kelp extract of Seaweed Fucus Vesiculosus

- 50 Tablets -
The product contains extract…

Soy Lecithin - 1325mg

Lecithin 1325mg

- 30 capsules -
Lecithin 1325 mg is a rich source of lecithin obtained from…

Spektrum - Gummies

Spektrum® - Gummies

Multivitamin with Echinacea for support of the immunity system

Food Supplement
- 60…



Support your nervous system with B1

Supply your body with vital vitamins and minerals
Food supplement

Hespidin - 30 Tablets


Forget about Hemorrhoids and sit comfortably!

- 30 Tablets-
Why Hespidin® tablets?
Hespidin® …



Valerian and Hop extracts for healthy and calm sleep.

- 20 tablets -
Benosen® is…


Chromium 200 μg

In order to maintain normal levels of blood sugar.

- 30 Tablets -

Hespidin - 60 Tablets


Forget about Hemorrhoids and sit comfortably!

- 60 Tablets-
Why Hespidin® tablets?
Hespidin® …

Hespidin - Gel

  Hespidin® Gel

Beneficial effect in hemorrhoids occurrence
- 75ml -   Soothing and regenerating gel containing oak bark, allantoin and oil…



Lider in Erection

- 6 Tablets -

For fast inducing and improvement of erection

Varixinal - Pack 3x


- 3x 30 Tablets -

Pack of 3 Varixinal Products
    Varixinal® is recommended for people who…

Special Price
Varixinal - Pack 2x


- 2x 30 Tablets -

Pack of 2 Varixinal Products
    Varixinal® is recommended for people who…

Special Price
Proenzi Arthrostop - Pack Rapid & Cream

  Proenzi ArthroStop - Pack Rapid & Cream

- 60 Tablets & Cream 100gr -

Complete treatment Pack The…

Special Price


- 30 capsules -

The present modern day era is characterized by strong demands on the physical…



- 30 tablets -
GinkoPrim® is a combination of Ginkgo Biloba and Magnesium.

Standardized extract…

Soy Lecithin - 1200mg

  Lecithin 1200 mg

- 30 capsules -   Lecithin was first isolated in 1846 by the Theodore Gobley. It…

MegaVitamin C

Vitamin C 600 mg

with strawberry flavour
- 30 tablets -

Vitamin C helps to support the…

Martians with Imunactiv

Martians with Imunactiv®

with orange flavour

- 30 tablets -
Martians are a complex of vitamins and minerals…



- 30 Softgels -
Prostenal is a combination of herbal extracts which beneficially affect men´s…



- 30 Softgels -
Urinal® contains an unique combination of two active ingredients - NutriCran®…


Echinacea Bears

- 30 chewable tablets -
black currant flavour

For strengthening of the protective ability of child?s organism

Spektrum Imunactiv

Spektrum Imunactiv®

- 30 Tablets -

Spektrum Imunactiv® is a comprehensive multivitamin and multimineral product of new generation with…



- 30 Tablets -

Denoxinal® contains a combination of healing plants and nutrients which…



- 30 Tablets -

Dialevel® is a combination of medications that have been…

Varixinal - Gel

  Varixinal® Gel

- 75ml -   Varixinal® Gel is recommended for people suffering from varicose veins and other chronic venous…



- 30 Tablets -     Varixinal is recommended for people who suffer from varicose veins and other symptoms of chronic…

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