Particularly indicated for diseases of the liver, stomach and intestines, such as mouth sores, bad digestions, stones and stones in the gallbladder, having a slightly laxative action.
Contains Granza (Blonde tinctorum L.) is used as a bile duct, and hepatoprotective, being also tonic and mild laxative, facilitating intestinal motility; Contains Bilberry (Peumus boldus) that due to its alkaloids, notably boldine, presents strong collagen and hepatoprotective action; contains Hypericum-do-gerês (Hypericum androsaemun L.) that shows hepatoprotective activity due to its phenolic compounds; contains S. Roberto's herb (Geranium robertianum L.) presents gastrointestinal anti-inflammatory action due to its bitter constituents; contains Kneip's Hypericum perforatum L. is well known for its antidepressant activity, however due to its constituents that act in the central nervous system, also presents action in gastrointestinal colic; contains Morganheira (Euphorbia lathyris) that shows emetic and purgative activity.
Composition per 100 grams:
Grange 30 gr, boldo 30 gr, Hypericão-do-Geres 10 gr, Herba de São Roberto 10 gr, Hypericão kneip 10 gr, Morganheira 10 gr.

How to use:
Put 3 tablespoons of these plants in a liter of cold water, bring to the boil and allow to boil 5 minutes, after a few minutes in a brew and drink 1 cup before the main meals, with or without sugar.

Presentation: Pack of 100 grams

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